Tennis Matches
Aust D2
Group League Round Robin
Seiichi Yukimura, Genichirō Sanada
Chris Hopman, Jean Fitzgerald
Final Score


Japan plays offensive tennis while Australia plays defensive tennis. The Australian team quickly win 5 games from Japan.

Yukimura and Sanada are having a heated match with Chris Hopman and Jean Fitzgerald. Sanada unveils Dual Black Dragon, a variation of Black Aura's Double Clutch.

The Australia doubles team try to find ways to counter Dual Black Dragon, which has shocked the Australian fans. They begin to show a doubles formation.

At match point, Jean and Chris prepare themselves. Instead of continuing to attack, Yukimura starts off with a weak serve and continues to hit weak shots throughout the rally whereas Sanada is using Rin to do the same. As a result of this defensive play from the Japanese, Australia, too, is unable to score and point drags on and on for 30 minutes.

After seeing this development, Atobe decides to make a move and causes a ruckus in the Australian crowd. Chris finally attacks, but as he strikes the ball it turns out that he's lost his sense of touch during the extended rally.

Japan eventually wins 7-5 after a miraculous comeback.

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