A volley is a shot hit, usually in the vicinity of the net, by a player before the ball bounces on their own side of the court.

Types of Volleys

  • Drive Volley: Attacking type of backhand or forehand volley usually executed from a position in mid-court and played with pace at shoulder height. A definite notable character who uses drive volleys is Echizen Ryoma. Atobe Keigo, Amane Hikaru and Tezuka Kunimitsu have used a regular drive volley at one point in time.
  • Drop Volley: Drop shot executed from a volley position.
  • Half-Volley: A groundstroke shot made immediately after a bounce or simultaneous to the bounce and played with the racket close to the ground.
  • Lob Volley: Type of volley shot aimed at lobbing the ball over the opponent and normally played when the opponent is in the vicinity of the net. The Moon Volley is a great example.
  • Reflex Volley: Volley in which the player has no time to plan the shot, and instead reacts instinctively to get the racket in position to return the ball. This occurs frequently in doubles and in advanced singles.
  • Stick Volley: Volley hit crisply, resulting in shot with a sharp downward trajectory.
  • Stop Volley: A softly-hit volley which absorbs almost all the power of the shot resulting in the ball dropping just over the net.

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