Twist Serve

Tennis - twist serve

Shot Type
Offset Topspin

The effect of Twist Serve which spins upon landing and lifts the dirt around it in a swirl effect.

Twist Serve is the first and the most shown serve in the series. It is mainly used by Ryoma. In this serve the ball is spun inside which makes it spin towards the opponent. This is a high level serve with a violent bounce that has many times inflicted damage on the opponent's face.

Real World Counterpart

Serve hit with a combination of slice and topspin which results in a curving trajectory and high bounce in the opposite direction of the ball's flight trajectory. It is also known as the American Twist Serve.

Ways To Counter It

  • By swinging and lifting your left foot simultaneously and stepping behind the right foot, and then maintaining a sideways position and slicing the ball, in theory (according to Inui), the Twist Serve can be returned, although it failed when Inui first tried it.
  • By hitting the ball before it reaches its fullest bounce and hitting it while it's on the rise.
  • By using the Carioca Step, as shown by Tanishi Kei, it allows the user to move to a better position to return the serve while moving at a constant speed.
  • By using both intense speed, and extremely fast reflexes shown by Tooyama Kintaro against Echizen Ryoma, being able to dodge the assault the serve brings to the face, then move into a position to return it with a smash.