Tennis Matches
3rd doubles
Pre-World Cup Exhibition Match
Tokugawa/Yukimura vs
(Japan vs Germany)
Final Score

After suffering a crushing defeat at the hands of Q.P. and Tezuka in the second match of the Pre-WC, Japan aims to win the decider against Germany. Tokugawa and Yukimura volunteer to play, but in their way stands the Philosopher of Victory, Volk.

0-0 ~ 1-5

Japan starts the match with full force and manages to take the first game thanks to a combination of Tokugawa's Black Hole and Yukimura's Yips. However, at this point Volk has already analyzed the Japaneses' playstyles, allowing Germany to launch a counter attack. As a result, Yukimura loses his five senses. Tokugawa keeps fighting by himself and protects Yukimura by using the Black Hole. Despite his efforts, Germany takes a commanding lead.

1-5 ~ 3-5

Having reaffirmed his desire for victory, Yukimura snaps out of the Yips and regains his senses. The Japanese duo creates a new super technique, Sixth Sense, by combining Yips with Tokugawa's Premonition ability. They are able to see their opponents' next shot ahead of time and start making up ground.

3-5 ~ 3-6

Volk unveils his special move, Wirbeltaufe, and stops the momentum Japan had built up. Neither Tokugawa nor Yukimura are able to return the shot, but just when they are about to lose hope, Ryoma shows up and lights a fire under Tokugawa. The latter enters into the Divine Path of the Asura and returns Wirbeltaufe. Ultimately, however, he is unable to keep up with Volk and the match ends after Yukimura returns Wirbeltaufe with a reverse grip volley which flies into the stands and hits a German flag.

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