Shinpuri 10.5

New Prince of Tennis Fanbook Volume 10.5 is the first fanbook/databook released for the New (Shin) Prince of Tennis franchise, and the fifth fanbook/databook overall.

Table of Contents

What If?[1][2][3][4]

The new 10.5 fanbook starts with a full colour story called “Shin Moshimo no Oujisama” 

What if the winning group was sent for special training at the top of the cliff instead of the losing group?

DAY 1: Suddenly a big palace appears at the top of the cliff and there’s a scene with Keigo Atobe in an elegant bathrobe, holding a glass (likely containing his non-alcoholic champagne). Then, in a match with high schoolers, Gin Ishida blows everyone with his 108th Hadōkyū. And David tells puns to Liliadent.

DAY 2: Sportsman hunting - Kippei Tachibana drives away a bunch of eagles with his Moujuu Aura (Beast Aura), but then…Tezuka attracts them back with his Tezuka Zone, which makes Gin go: “Eagles can be sucked too?!” With Kuranosuke Shiraishi saying "What the heck?"

DAY 3: Special Mission - Bring sake! is given to these three - Akaya Kirihara, Jin Akutsu and Eishirō Kite. Akaya suddenly turns to devil mode to shoo away the bats in the cave (and he seems to be having fun). While Ryoma's group had problems with lasers, Kite passes them with his Shukuchihou and Akutsu is waiting, completely beating the security guards. When they come back, Yukimura takes Coach Mifune’s 5 senses and he gets drunk by water while he thinks it’s sake and heads to a world of dreams.

In the end, all of the members have a party in Atobe’s palace.


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