Rikkai Dai coming off the bus
Rikkai University-Affiliated Middle School or Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku Chuu (私立立海 大 附属 高等学校 Shiritsu Rikkai Dai Fuzoku Chūgakkō) is a private school located in the Kanagawa prefecture. They have been the champions of the Japanese National Tournament for the last two years, and are vying for their third consecutive championship during the series.

They are fully introduced during the Kantō Regional Tournament, where they easily defeat Fudomine Middle School in the semi-finals. They suffer their first loss to Seigaku in the finals, returning to the Nationals as underdogs; they are defeated by Seigaku a second time in the National Tournament finals, ending their hopes of winning a third consecutive title.

Takeshi Konomi mentioned in an interview that, between Nagoya Seitoku and Rikkai, he decided that the latter would play Seigaku in the National Tournament finals because he felt they were more interesting.

Rikkai is one of the few schools known to be a part of a junior high-university school system. It is also one of the few schools with a high school division.



Rikkai 's Three demons after winning the Nationals for the first time

(L-R) Yukimura, Yanagi, and Sanada after winning the Japan National Tournament in their freshman year.

Behind the triple threat of Yukimura Seiichi, Sanada Genichirou and Yanagi Renji—the Three Demons or Big ThreeRikkai has claimed the top honor at the Nationals two years in a row, aiming for a third consecutive win.

Their success is behind their motto, "Losing is unacceptable," whether it be an official or a practice match. Most of their Singles regular members have proven to be capable Doubles players as well.

Rikkai has also been the champions of the Kantō Regional Tournament for the past fifteen years. One year prior to the story's timeline, the only Seigaku player to hand Rikkai a loss was Tezuka Kunimitsu. Rikkai powered their way through the previous year's National Tournament, sweeping Shitenhōji in the semifinals in straight sets (3-0), then doing the same to Makinofuji in the final.

During this year's Kantō Regional Tournament finals, Rikkai had to defend their title without their captain Yukimura after he fell critically ill and required surgery. Despite this, they were able to effortlessly win the Kanagawa Tournament and set a new tournament record. They headed into the Kanto Regional Tournament and cruised their way into the finals to face Seigaku. However, after overwhelming Seigaku by taking both Doubles matches, Rikkai suffered three unexpected losses in all the Singles matches, and had to surrender their Kantō championship title.


Rikkai's invitation to the U-17 Camp.

While they entered the Nationals as challengers this year, Rikkai was confident that they would walk away with the title, especially with their captain Yukimura's comeback. However, the National Tournament finals was a repeat scenario of the Kantō Tournament finals.

In the sequel series New Prince of Tennis, all regular members of Rikkai received invitations to the U-17 Camp, a camp that was originally open only to High Schoolers.

Tennis Club Members


The Rikkai Dai Regulars at the U-17 Camp.

There are 52 members in the Rikkai Dai Tennis Club.


Third Years

Second Years

First Years

  • Urayama Shiita
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Other Known Clubs

  • Cheerleading
  • Tennis — Girls' Division


  • In the anime, the uniform of the tennis team was inconsistent. Currently, and prior to the storyline, the color of the jerseys are/were yellow. When Kirihara, Sanada, and Yanagi watched the match between Atobe and Tezuka, they wore red jerseys (episodes 65-68).
  • There is a large tree on campus where a lot of love confessions happen. It is rumored that it is good to confess under this tree.
  • On Valentine's Day (unknown year) the Top 3 people who received the most chocolates were:
    • 1 - Yukimura Seiichi - 125
    • 2 - Marui Bunta - 72
    • 3 - Niou Masaharu - 70
  • The regulars like to come and visit Sanada and Yagyuu's classroom during break time.
  • The hangout spots of the tennis regulars include:
    • Arcade (Kirihara, Jackal, and Marui)
    • Park (Yagyuu, for reading)
    • The mall (Yukimura and Yanagi)
  • Rikkai Dai is suspected to be located within one of the seven special wards of Kawasaki, Kanagawa.
  • It has been mentioned in a Q&A in the manga that the closest school to Rikkai is the Tokyo campus of Hyotei Academy.
  • In Another Story: Messages From the Past and Future, Rikkai Dai's junior high department is seen to face the ocean. However, in the manga, the school is set somewhere further inland.