Masterpiece of GTA






177 cm


64 kg


4 March



Blood Type




High School

2nd Year

Foreign U-17 Camp

German U-17 Representative
Staff Officer

Dominant Arm


Doubles Partner(s)

Kunimitsu Tezuka


Bridgestone Probeam X01 Mid Over 2001


Yonex Power Cushion Wide 2001

Manga Debut

Golden Age 135

I have new data regarding our rival countries.
— QP

QP (Quality of Perfect - Registered name) is a German U-17 Representative.


QP is first introduced in chapter 135 as one of the U-17 German representatives. He was explaining the threats and improvements of other countries that are participating in the U-17 World Cup. It is likely this was data gathering.

By order of ranking, he might be the No. 2 of the German team.


QP, like Yukimura, has a femimine appearance.


He regularly gathers intel on rival teams and other teams of interest in order to make sure the German team is fully prepared to win their 10th consecutive world cup, and actually marked Japan as a country of interest right behind the USA this year despite the country's historically low ranking. In line with series tradition, the unreadable Fuji forces him to acknowledge that his data on Japan is outdated.


German U-17

QP is in a meeting and names Switzerland and France as the top threats, and mentions that the USA has some strong players and that Japan is on the rise.

Pre-World Cup

Before the first doubles match start, QP wants to hear what Tezuka has to say about the Japanese middle schooler, Fuji, however E. Siegfried could not care since he believes Tezuka won't tell the truth.

Atobe and Irie are waiting for their opponents. Germany's first representative is none other than QP who the crowd is going crazy over. QP says that with this much attention on him, he won't be able to play at even 1/10 of his real strength. Yanagi and Inui explain that QP stands for Quality of Perfect and that his real name and birthplace are unknown. Apparently he has received a special tennis education for the gifted since he was a baby and is now among the top of the top class, the ultimate masterpiece of the German Tennis Academy.

Germany is overwhelming Japan and has taken a commanding 5-0 lead. Both Irie and Atobe are exhausted. Tezuka asks Atobe how much longer he's planning to just kneel there, and while Atobe keeps going after the ball, it's no use - Germany wins 6-0 after a well-placed shot from QP. Fuji is shivering, shocked by Tezuka's current strength.

Playing Style & Techniques

Despite not being a pro, he is extremely strong and is just as recognizable to the tennis community as Volk is. He views the likes of Atobe and Irie to be only a tenth of his skill level, and soundly beats them at the exhibition matches with little to no effort. Little of his skill set is seen, but it can be presumed that his play style is very similar to Irie's.

Tennis Record

U-17 World Cup

Type of Match Partner Opponent(s) Score
Pre-World Cup Exhibition Match Kunimitsu Tezuka Keigo Atobe/Kanata Irie 6-0 (win)


  • (About Fuji) The data we got from Japan was completely different. Even if it’s an improvement after we finished collecting data, it’s still too strange. It’s like they changed the person. What on earth happened to that player?


Character Trivia

  • QP is the name that he is registered under.
  • His real name and birthplace are unknown.
  • From the time he was a baby, he has been under a special tennis education for the gifted and an academy for gifted children. Because he received special education from a young age, his talent has bloomed. His brains are uncommon, as he can objectively judge both his and other's abilities. He is absolutely not humble about that, nevertheless, being told he's perfect is the reason for living.
  • He's the top within the top class.
  • As the staff officer of the champions, Germany...He is the ultimate masterpiece of the German Tennis Academy.
  • The name Quality of Perfect is befitting of his true power, as his special ability is a play without any gaps.
  • The realist who makes humility and self-confidence coexist.
  • No matter what state the match is in, he can deduce the optimal solution. There's not a single error in the wiring of his brain.
  • He searches for perfection, so he doesn't overestimate his ability. If the source of information is relevant, he also consults other people's opinion.

Other Trivia

  • It is possible he is a data tennis player.
    • With this, he might be the first foreign data player introduced.
  • He is the first foreign tennis player that has a chapter titled with his name.
  • He is the first German 2nd year high schooler introduced.
    • This makes him the first foreign 2nd year high schooler introduced.
    • He is also the only 2nd year high schooler from the German team to play in the U-17 Pre-World Cup Exhibition Match, since both Volk and Bismarck are 3rd years.
      • With this, he is also the only German student not in their final year of their school, the middle schoolers who played were all in their final year of middle school, while Volk and Bismarck were in their final year of high school.

Personal Information

  • Hobby: Music appreciation (Mendelssohn)
  • Favorite phrase: First and last, what is demanded of genius is love and truth
  • Favorite color: White
  • Favorite food: Werther's originals
  • Favorite type: Intelligent person
  • Favorite Date spot: A little park in the outskirts of the town
  • Most wanted thing right now: Latest tablet
  • Bad at: Being told he looks like a doll
  • Skills outside of tennis: Cooking for 30 minutes with perfect quality
  • Daily habit during the camp: Phone calls (Unidentified person)

Messages to QP

  • Tezuka: Thank you for your precise data analysis and advice. From now I'll be diligent as well.