There are four known playing styles: All-Rounder, Serve & Volley, Aggressive Base-liner, and Counter-puncher.


  • Aggressive Baseline: Player who plays around the baseline during play and relies on the quality of his or her ground strokes.
  • All-Rounder: Style of play that is a composite of all the different playing styles, which includes baseline, transition, and serve and volley styles. In professional Tennis, this is formally called All-Court or All Court Game.
  • Counter-Puncher: Defensive players that tend to stick to the baseline and wait for the opponent's errors. In Prince of Tennis, Counter-Puncher are further divided into Defensive Counter-Puncher (focus on returning the ball many times and dragging the opponent into an endurance battle), Aggressive Counter-Puncher (focus on returning the ball as quickly as possible and forcing the opponent to commit errors) and Technical Counter-Puncher (focus on sealing the opponent's strongest moves).
  • Serve & Volley: Method of play to serve and immediately move forward to the net to make a volley with the intent to hit a winner and end the point.