Perfect Edition Season 3 Volume 11 is the eleventh Perfect Edition Season 3 book released by the Prince of Tennis franchise. Most of there content is a few covers, stickers, and extras. Like with all the season 3 volumes, this volume comes with a special pin.


  • The cover features Yukimura Seiichi at the Nationals.
  • The inside cover has Echizen Ryoma in Yips, a reference to the match he had in the Finals.
  • The first color page has Yukimura with a winter jacket on.
  • This volume comes with a special Sanada (who is holding a shinai [bamboo sword]) pin.


Up1 Echizen: *outside 3-1’s classroom* Excuse me… Is there a Tezuka in this class?

Oishi: What, Momo and Kaidoh are having their biggest fight ever in the club room!?

This is bad!!

Up2 *opens the door*

"Hey— Momo, Kaidoh, stop fighting!!"

  • turns on the light switch*
  • sound of party poppers being popped*
Up3 Everyone: For the past three years, thanks for the hard work!!

—Also, thank you very much!!

Echizen: Hehe, it’s a huge success!

Tezuka: …You guys

Kikumaru: Hey~ Ochibi and the others have deceived us!!

Kawamura: Uooo— Farewell party!!

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