Pairpuri 8

Pairpuri Volume 8 is the eighth pairpuri volume for the New Prince of Tennis franchise. This volume is called Kite X Akutsu DARK.

Special Insert

PairPuri 5 smash post cards 3


Private no Oujisama Jitaku 14 Held back in the Sugarcane Field

Jitaku 14 p1
Jitaku 14 p2
Jitaku 14 p3

Houkago no Oujisama Pairpuri version

Private no Oujisama Jitaku 15 Written Invitation

Jitaku 15 p1
Jitaku 15 p2
Jitaku 15 p3

Hanipuri Theater Prince of Pillow-Throwing Floor 2

Hanipuri Theater Prince of Pillow-Throwing Floor 1


PairPuri Cross Talk

Special Project

U-17 Camp 1st Division Return Commemoration, Revealing the 1st Division Player List!!

Special 1

PairPuri Profiling

  • Dark
  • Profile
  • History
  • Play Style
  • School Life
  • Akutsu x Kite Winning Without Fighting Talk
  • Akutsu and Kite's look into physical ability
  • Akutsu and Kite's look into bad behaviors
  • Words for the two. One line comments from characters who have interacted with Akutsu or Kite!

Special 2

  • Gekkan Pro Tennis Special Edition YOUNG SMASH!!
  • Side Tennis. Let's hear from the vice captains!!
  • Side Private. Special Edition on middle schoolers and high schoolers' favorite types!!
  • Revealing club notebooks to the public!! (Shitenhouji version)
  • High School Players & Coach guide
  • Training Camp Design Guide
  • The Players' Secrets!? Witness Talk
  • Right now, those players are...!?
  • The Perfect Training Camp Room For You!! / Results Side
  • Yukimura and Ootori's Oekaki Lecture
  • Connecting to Tenipuri fans in the reader corner
  • Preview


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