Pairpuri volume 2
Pairpuri Volume 2 is the second pairpuri volume for the New Prince of Tennis franchise. This volume is called Tezuka x Shiraishi CAPTAINS.


Private no Oujisama" Jitaku 3 Freeloader in Shiraishi Household

Private no Oujisama" Jitaku 4 An Outing with the Tezuka Household

Houkago no Oujisama" Pairpuri version

Hanipuri Theater Seigaku

Hanipuri Theater Seigaku version

Hanipuri Theater Shitenhouji

Hanipuri Theater Shitenhouji version


PairPuri Cross Talk

  • Okiayu Ryoutarou x Hosoya Yoshimasa
  • Konomi Takeshi Long Interview
  • Konomi Takeshi's Secret Talk on Tezuka and Shiraishi

Special 1

PairPuri Profiling

  • Profile
  • History
  • Play Style
  • School Life
  • Tezuka x Shirashi Captain Talk
  • Tezuka and Shiraishi's look into dominant hands
  • Tezuka and Shiraishi's look into the position of captain
  • Words for the two.One line comments from characters who have interacted with Tezuka or Shiraishi!

Special 2

  • Gekkan Pro Tennis Special Edition YOUNG SMASH!!
  • Side Tennis. Let's hear about those volleyers!!
  • Side Private. Gathering characters who've changed their image!!
  • High School Player & Coach Guide
  • Training Camp Design Guide
  • The Players' Secrets!? Witness Talk [here by naily_n]
  • Right now, those players are...!?
  • Tenipuri Messiah Fortune Telling divining side / 50...results side
  • Bunta's lecture on how to make sweets
  • Connecting to Tenipuri fans in the reader corner
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