Orion Stephanoploss
Orion Stephanopoulos

オリオン ステファノプロス


Orion Sutefanopurosu






184 cm


72 kg


14 May



Blood Type



Apollon Stephanopoulos (Older brother)
Johan Charles Stephanopoulos (ancestor)
Two grandparents
Older Sister

Junior High

2nd year

Foreign U-17 Camp

Greece U-17

Dominant Arm


Doubles Partner(s)

Apollon Stephanopoulos

Manga Debut

Golden Age 188

The law of Moses says to stone her. What do you say?
— Orion to Apollo


Orion is a 2nd year middle schooler from Greece. The younger brother. Still a novice executioner, but follows in his brother's footsteps. Has plenty of potential. Couldn't hide his fear and trembling at the sight of his brother's paralyzed state.


He has shoulder-length long thick hair.


Like Tohno and Kirihara, he and his brother play violent tennis. It is unknown what they're personality is like off courts.


Group League

He is set to play doubles one with his older brother against Kirihara and Tohno.

Tohno is executing the Greek brothers. Japan takes a 4-0 lead. Tohno and Akaya are in high spirits and high five.

The brothers say that they can stone Tohno now that he's started it. They wipe off the blood on their faces and appear completely fine. Next rally, Tohno is hitting from the back and Akaya cheers him on, but Tohno just electrocutes him again, intending to take on their opponents by himself. Tohno is getting pressured and eventually one of the brothers lands his own special move, seemingly shattering Tohno's knee.

The brothers are slaughtering Tohno now. Tohno tries to get up again, but gets shot down right away. Greece catches up, it's 4-4 now. Tohno seems to be done for at last. Akaya has tears in his eyes.

Tohno and the second brother are going at it now. Tohno has the upper hand, but eventually collapses. Akaya enters Devil Mode and finishes the brothers off.

Tennis Record

Group League Round Robin

Type of Match Partner Opponent(s) Score
Round Robin Apollon Stephanopoulos Atsukyō Tōno/Akaya Kirihara Lost (4-6)

Playing Style & Techniques

The hunter of the family stained with the blood of criminals. Together with his brother they are masters of doubles. Calling himself the hunter of tennis, he likes a drawn out contest with torment to the death.

The siblings are actually descendants of a famous executor and they also have tons of different execution moves. They have only shown three though.


Other Trivia

  • He and his brother are the first foreign siblings introduced.
  • In Greek mythology, Orion was a giant huntsman whom Zeus placed among the stars as the constellation of Orion.
  • Tohno told Kimijima who his favourite executor is although Kimijima said he is not interested. Turns out Tohno's favourite executor is the ancestors of Apollon/Orion and Kimijima commented how ironic it is that Tohno is executed by his favourite executor's descendants.
  • In Greek mythology, Orion fell in love with Artemis, Apollon's twin sister. This is referenced by Orion having his older sister as his preferred type of girl.

Personal Information

  • Hobby: Clay pigeon shooting
  • Favorite food: Pomegranate
  • Favorite type: His older sister
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