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The Prince of Tennis Musical, also known as "TeniPuri Musical," "Tenimyu," or "GekiPuri" (Stage Prince), is a series of live action stage musicals based on the anime and manga series, The Prince of Tennis. The first musical opened on Golden Week 2003, and the unexpected popularity and demand for merchandise of the show encouraged Marvelous Entertainment to follow through with the series, each new show covering an arc of the manga storyline. Adaptations to the original story were made to fit the format: female characters were removed, and irrelevant scenes or minor arcs were cut to move the plot forward. You can find here blogs, as you want! But characters' name is: family name+ given name and actors' name is: given name+family name, because in Japan they have Eastern order and in Europe and America has Western order. There are peoples from different countries - that's that reason.


The series has three kinds of performances: plot/story musicals (that follow the Prince of Tennis story), live concerts (out-takes with alternative performances of the songs and self-parody skits), and special re-runs. Graduation shows (so called due to the story's setting in middle school) are the last musical played by a same cast for the Seigaku school before they are replaced by new actors. The shows are, in chronological order:

Season 1

Musical Number Run Time Summary
Musical Tennis no Ohjisama 1

April 30 - August 15, 2003

Covers the first arc of the story, from Ryoma Echizen's arrival to up to the end of the Seigaku ranking matches.
Remarkable 1st Match Fudomine 2 December 30, 2003 - January 5, 2004 Covers the matches between Seigaku and Fudomine Middle School. Due to Yanagi Kotaro's accident, Kimeru temporarily plays the role of Echizen Ryoma.
Dream Live 1st 3 June 13, 2004 First live concert, featuring songs from the two previous musicals and guest starring Shinji Ibu. Debut of Endo Yuya as the new Echizen Ryoma.
More Than Limit St. Rudolph Gakuen 4 July 29 - August 15, 2004 Covers the matches between Seigaku and the rival school St. Rudolph. Due to work constraints, Takigawa Eiji and Abe Yoshitsugu are temporarily replaced by Ohkuchi Kengo and Kitamura Eiki for this performance.
In Winter 2004-2005 Side Fudomine ~Special Match~ 5 December 29, 2004 - January 2, 2005 Re-run of Remarkable 1st Match Fudomine. Graduation show of the original Seigaku cast. Return of Yanagi Kotaro as Echizen Ryoma.
Side Yamabuki feat. St. Rudolph Gakuen 6 January 8 - January 25, 2005 Covers the matches between Seigaku and rival school, Yamabuki Middle School. Additionally, replays of the St. Rudolph matches are shown. Guest starring members of St. Rudolph. Debut of the second generation Seigaku cast.
Dream Live 2nd 7 May 4, 2005 Second live concert, featuring songs from previous musicals and guest starring members of Fudomine, St. Rudolph and Yamabuki.
The Imperial Match Hyotei Gakuen 8 August 8 - August 20, 2005 Covers the matches between Seigaku and rival school, Hyotei Academy, guest starring members of St. Rudolph and Yamabuki Middle School.
The Imperial Match Hyotei Gakuen -In Winter- 9 December 19, 2005 - January 2, 2006 Re-run of The Imperial Match Hyotei Gakuen, guest starring members of Fudomine, St. Rudolph and Yamabuki Chuu.
Dream Live 3rd 10 March 28 - 29, 2006 Third live concert, featuring songs from The Imperial Match Hyotei Gakuen, and guest stars all members of Hyotei. Graduation concert for Yanagi Kotaro and the second Seigaku cast, except Aiba Hiroki.
Advancement Match Rokkaku feat. Hyotei Gakuen 11 August 3 - August 25, 2006 Covers the matches between Seigaku and Rokkaku. Features Hyotei Gakuen. Kujirai Kousuke returns as Kaoru Kaido. Debut of the Seigaku 3rd generation Seigaku cast members.
Absolute King Rikkai feat. Rokkaku ~ First Service 12 December 13, 2006 - January 8, 2007 Covers the doubles matches of Seigaku against Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku. Debut of Yanagishita Tomo as Kaidoh Kaoru.
Dream Live 4th 13 March 30 - 31, 2007 Fourth live concert, featuring members of Fudomine, St. Rudolph, Yamabuki Chuu, Hyotei Gakuen, Rokkaku Chuu and Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku as special guests.
Dream Live 4th ~Extra~ 14 May 17 - May 20, 2007 Additional performances in Osaka that featured Rikkai, Rokkaku, and various TeniMyu actors.
Absolute King Rikkai feat. Rokkaku ~ Second Service 15 August 2 - September 7, 2007 Covers the singles matches of Seigaku against Rikkai. Graduation show for the Seigaku 3rd Seigaku cast, except for Yanagishita Tomo.
The Progressive Match Higa Chuu feat. Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku 16 December 12, 2007 - February 11, 2008 Covers the matches of Seigaku against Higa. This is the first Nationals-centric musical. Debut of the Seigaku 4th Seigaku cast.
Dream Live 5th 17 May 17 - May 25, 2008 Fifth live concert, guest starring members of Higa, Rikkai, Rokkaku, Hyotei, Yamabuki, St. Rudolph, and Fudomine. Graduation show for Yanagishita Tomo.
The Imperial Presence Hyotei Gakuen feat. Higa Chuu 18 July 29 - November 3, 2008 Covers the matches of Seigaku against Hyotei Gakuen at Nationals. It's the first musical to be performed overseas (Taiwan and South Korea). Debut of the Seigaku 5th Seigaku cast and return of Aiba Hiroki as Fuji Shusuke.
The Treasure Match Shitenhoji feat. Hyotei Gakuen 19 December 13, 2008 - March 31, 2009 Covers the national semi-final matches of Seigaku against one of the strongest schools in the Kansai region, Shitenhōji, guest starring Hyotei.
Dream Live 6th 19 May 2 - May 10, 2009 Sixth concert with both Seigaku casts, guest starring members Hyotei, Shitenhoji, Higa Chu, Rikkai, Yamabuki's Akutsu Jin, and Fudomine's Tachibana. Graduation show for the fourth generation Seigaku cast.
The Final Match Rikkai First feat. Shitenhoji 21 July 30 - October 4, 2009 Covers the first half of the national final matches of Seigaku against Rikkai. Guest stars Shitenhoji.
The Final Match Rikkai Second feat. The Rivals 22 December 17, 2009 - March 14, 2010 Covers the second half of the national final matches of Seigaku against Rikkai. The last plot-related performance of season one.
Dream Live 7th 23 May 5 - 23, 2010 The seventh concert as well as the last performance of the first season of TeniMyu. Features Shitenhoji, Rikkai, Rivals and Seigaku 1st cast. Graduation concert for the Seigaku 5th generation Seigaku cast as well as others.

Season 2

The second season of TeniMyu covers the same arcs as season one, however the casting, scripts, and music are changed along with other minor visual and miscellaneous elements.

Year Title Info
2011 Seigaku vs. Fudomine The first performance of the second season of TeniMyu. This is the debut show for the sixth generation of Seigaku as well as the second generation Fudomine cast.

  • Ran from Jan 5-16, Jan 19-23, to Jan 26-Feb 11, 2011.
2011 Seigaku vs. St. Rudolph & Yamabuki The second performance of the second season of TeniMyu; this is the debut show for the second generation St. Rudolph and Yamabuki cast. These performances combine the St. Rudolph and Yamabuki arcs.

  • Ran in April 8-17, April 27-May 3rd, May 5-15th, 2011.
2011 Seigaku vs. Hyotei Gakuen The third performance of the second season of Tenimyu; Fudomine, St. Rudolph, and Yamabuki make appearances in this show along with the fourth cast of Hyotei. 

  • Seigaku vs. Hyotei Gakuen ran from July 7th to September 22nd, 2011.
2011 Dream Live 2011 The first Dream Live performance of the second season.

  • Ran from November 5-6 to November 12-13, 2011
2011-2012 Seigaku vs. Rokkaku

This covers the Seigaku vs. Rokkaku arcs. Features appearances from Hyotei.

  • Ran from December 17, 2011 to February 12, 2012.
2012 Seigaku vs. Rikkai

This performance covers the arc of the first Seigaku vs. Rikkai matches.

  • Ran from July 13th to September 20, 2012.
2012 Seigaku Farewell Party

Graduation performance of the sixth-generation Seigaku cast. Debut of the seventh cast.

  • Ran from October 11th and ended on October 14, 2012.
2012-2013 Seigaku vs. Higa

The first performance of the seventh-generation Seigaku cast. Ogoe continues his role as Echizen Ryoma in the Seigaku vs. Higa arc.

  • Ran from December 20, 2012 to February 17, 2013.
2013 Dream Live 2013

The second Dream Live of season two and the ninth overall (excluded Dream Live 4th ~Extra~).

  • Ran from April 27 to May 5, 2013.
2013 Seigaku vs. Hyotei feat. Higa Chuu

Not to be confused with the first Seigaku vs. Hyotei performance, this one revolves around the semi-final matches between Seigaku and Hyotei.

  • Runs from July 11 to September 29, 2013
2013 Seigaku vs. Shitenhoji

Features the seventh-generation Seigaku cast alongside the second season Shitenhoji cast competing in the Shitenhoji-centric Nationals arc.

  • Ran from December 19 2013 to March 2014.
2014 Seigaku vs. Rikkai ~ Nationals

Features the seventh-generation Seigaku cast alongside the second season Rikkai, Shitenhoji, and Rivals cast.

  • Ran from July 12, 2014 to September 28, 2014.
2014 Dream Live 2014

The third Dream Live of season two and the 10th overall.

  • Ran from from November 15-16, 2014 in Kobe and November 22-24 in Saitama, Japan.

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