Echizen's favourite quote

Mada mada dane (まだまだだね) is a phrase that has been popularized by Ryoma Echizen. The meaning literally means "No, not yet," but varies in similarity, with meanings that include "You still have a long way to go," "Not good enough" or "Still no good," and "It's not over yet." In the English version of the manga, or as translated directly in a chapter of the Japanese manga, it is "You still have lots more to work on." In the English anime, it is translated as "You still have a ways to go." He says this to annoy and also to taunt his rivals.


While most often linked to Ryoma Echizen, it is actually a derogatory phrase that is heard quite often in anime. Differences in usage include:

  • Mada mada dana: Used by the former Samurai Nanjiro in his glory days.
  • Mada mada daze: Used by Ryoga Echizen, Ryoma's supposed older brother. He is seen in the movie "Futari no Samurai" and in the newer episode "The Prince of Naniwa" (where he is shown intensely practicing). The phrase is also used by Echizen Nanjiro in the expansion OVA series when trying to teach Ryoma the Pinnacle of Perfection Technique.
  • Mada mada sune (or mada mada desune): Used when addressing someone in higher respect.
  • Mada mada ssuyo: Used in the anime, when coach Ryuzaki asks Ryoma if he wants to continue during his match against Sanada in the Kantō Finals.
  • Mada mada dayo: Used by Coach Ryūzaki Sumire when she used to coach Nanjiro.
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