Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 1: Ryoma Echizen
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Genius 004: A Declaration Of War is the 4th chapter of The Prince of Tennis. The rest of the regulars are introduced here, and tension has started to build up between Ryoma and a 2nd year non-regular member.


The vice-captain, Oishi Shuichiro, receives the news of Ryoma's arrival by a few of the regular members (faces not shown yet), with the regular members not doubting the story since it came from Momoshiro.

Meanwhile, Horio's going on about the greatness of the Seigaku team while denouncing Ryoma lightly, which Ryoma ignores. His blabber mouthing starts to attract the other 1st years to his story, while Horio mentions about 'ranking matches.'

Ryoma just walks away, when a 2nd year comes up to Ryoma and asks him if he is the 'great 1st year.' Ryoma denies this, and simply points to Horio. The 2nd year does not doubt Ryoma, since Horio is wearing a flashy shirt and is talking too much, which he takes as a sign of arrogance. Horio mentions wishing to play a ranking match with the Captain and wishing to get a point off of him, the 2nd year, introduced as Arai, quickly tells him off, while informing him that 1st years are not allowed into the ranking matches, but in the middle of chastising Horio, the regulars arrive.

The regulars start to practice smash practice, where the balls that are lobbed are all smashed inside the ball baskets they brought, which amazes everyone else. Arai continues his speech, telling Horio that just because he made some Twist Serves does not give him the right to be arrogant. However, Horio states that he wasn't the one who hit a Twist Serve, but at that moment, a ball was lobbed off-course from the regular's area, which Ryoma smashed it into the basket, and Horio pointed him out.

Arai gets mad and grabs Ryoma by the collars, but just then, the Captain, Tezuka Kunimitsu, arrives, while punishing Arai (and Ryoma) for disrupting practice by making the two run 10 laps around the court. While Arai tries to justify himself, Tezuka doubles the punishment. The chapter ends with Tezuka giving orders to the team in a captain-like manner, and Arai muttering that he would get revenge for this.


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  • A simple picture, showing Ryoma and Arai are shown to be running around the court as punishment. Arai is lagging behind.


  • In the English VIZ Manga translation, Fuji's name is spelled as 'Huji,' which sounds identical in Japanese to 'Fuji.'