Tennis Matches
Aust S3
Group League Round Robin
JJ Dorgias
Final Score
Dorgias Forfeits

At the beginning, the Japanese are actually praising Dorgias for playing evenly with PoP Kintarou. However, Kintarou is playing better every game meanwhile Dorgias is getting tired.

The audience is supporting Dorgias again, but Kintarou isn't overwhelmed by the pressure because he mistakenly thinks they're cheering for him instead.

Oni says Kintarou will decide the match in four more serves, implying that Dorgias won't be able to return the Mountain Eruption like in Kintarou's previous service game.

Kintarou blasts off the first serve, but Dorgias' reactions seem to have gotten faster and he returns it. Kintarou can't move at all and it's 0-15. But Kintarou doesn't seem to mind and continues with his next serve.

Dorgias has the upper hand in the next rally. He hits a shot cross-court that should be out of Kintarou's reach, but remembering Sugi, his teammates from Shitenhouji and Ryoma leaving for American without the two of them settling who's stronger, he catches up and returns the ball.

While Dorgias gets his racket on the ball again, it's going to go out. However, a bird flies by in that exact moment. The ball hits the bird and drops to the baseline - 30-30.

The previous point needs to be replayed. Kintarou is confused about the call, so Yanagi and Inui explain the rule to him.

Meanwhile, Dorgias has rushed over to the other side of the court and is now holding the fallen bird in his arms. Telling Kintarou that the match is over, Dorgias carries the bird off the court to take it to an animal hospital. His teammates also approve of the decision.

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