Tennis Matches
Ralph vs Amadeus
U-17 World Cup QFs
Alexander Amadeus
Ralph Rhinehart
Final Score
6-7, 7-6, 4-6

The game is off to a heated start, with both sides holding serve. Ralph counters Amadeus' Ballena in the process.

Amadeus is leading 6-5. He has determined that Ralph's biggest weakness is the heel of his back foot and targets it with Darkness. The shot is a winner and now Amadeus only trails 30-40, one point away from forcing a deuce on Ralph's service game.

Amadeus goes for another winner with Darkness, but this time, Ralph manages to return the shot aimed at his foot. Ryoma explains that the scariest thing about Ralph is his ability to overcome his own weaknesses - when he fails a shot once, he gets it right the next time. Amadeus is pushed back by the unexpected return and Ralph hits a drop shot winner to close out the game. With this, the first set enters a tiebreak. Ralph says that thanks to Amadeus, he has grown fond of that particular weakness of his.

The match between Amadeus and Rhinehart ends. Ralph wins 7-6, 6-7, 6-4, earning America a ticket to the semifinals. The two captains talk as they shake hands. Amadeus praises Ralph's skill and says Ralph would be able to hold his own in the world of the pros even now. Ralph responds that what really deserves respect is how Amadeus participated in the tournament and put together such a formidable team such a short time after this year's pro tour ended.

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