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With Japan being down 0-2, Akutsu prepares for the S3 match. But as he is about to step on the court, he is greeted by a glaring shadow from the other side of the net. Switzerland's representative for S3 is none other than their captain, Amadeus.

The audience is shocked that Amadeus makes an appearance already, but team Japan reasons that the Swiss must be aiming to seal the deal without dropping a single set.

In response to Amadeus' appearance, Byoudouin declares he will play the match instead of Akutsu. But Akutsu grabs Byoudouin by the throat and refuses to hand over his position. After a moment of silence, Byoudouin accepts. Only on one condition though: should Akutsu lose, he will be kicked off the team and has to return to Japan.

Akutsu hits a Glowing Shot, but Amadeus returns it with ease as the wall behind him shatters. The two continue to rally and finally Amadeus brings out his own special technique: Akutsu loses track of the ball and is only able to see its shadow. He stops in place and gets hit, the blow being so strong that it causes Akutsu to fly backwards.

Amadeus explains that his own style is the "Dark Side" and wonders if Byoudouin has completed his Destruction by now. Akutsu has been knocked out by Amadeus' Dark Side and lies unconscious on the floor. Amadeus grabs him by the ankle and drags him over to the other side of the court during change-over to finish the match; the score is 5-0 in the Swiss' favor.

Akutsu has achieved the Eighth Consciousness. Akutsu is overflowing with aura, invoking a variety of reactions from the audience.

Amadeus thinks that Akutsu's attacking too much due to his lack of experience and that such impatience leaves him open to counterattacks. But just then, Akutsu scores again - it's 40-30 in favor of the Swiss now.

Akutsu continues to attack. Amadeus tries to discern which way Akutsu is going to hit, but to no avail. Akutsu scores again and it's deuce. The spectators are shocked that even a pro can't move a single step against this attack pattern and Akutsu announces that Amadeus will not take a single point from him anymore.

Akutsu has taken a game off a pro; 1-5. Even though Amadeus still has a great lead, Peter fears that this one game might have changed the flow of the entire match in Akutsu's favor. Surrounded by the cheers from the audience, Akutsu collapses. Before he hits the ground, however, Byoudouin catches him. Still, Akutsu can no longer continue the match.

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